About Us


With nearly 30 years of experiennce to boast of in the manufacture and distribution of glass m saic tiles, we at Paras understand best the needs of our customers. Over the years,help with homework we have accumulated invaluable knowledge about architectural and design trends. Our every effort has been to cater efficiently to the needs of any job, regardless of size or type in the shortest period of time. Due to large production capacity we are able to handle large projects in a short period of time.popular essay topics for college annotated bibliography apa example

Today, Paras has expanded into a multi-factory unit where the most stringent international quality standards are compiled with. Furthermore, Paras’s team of inhouse designer chiefessays.net have accumulated the expertise to custom design gradients, murals and blends to suit every creative need. Our designer can create masterpieces that range from the simple to the most exotic. With a large variety of different types of mosaics it enables you to transform any interior or exterior space in conformance with the latest design trends.

Apart from providing solution, Paras Mosaics also possess a basic functional attribute. Each and every mosaic from the house of Paris displays characteristics of ‘durability and protection’. Our tiles have stood the test of time under severest of weather conditions.

Paras’s journey from its inception to the present day has been exceptionally rewarding. Our tiles can be seen adorning a variety of architectural and interior design projects ranging from exterior facades of buildings, swimming pools, lobbies, lounges, bathrooms, subways, fountains, parking areas etc. Most importantly, our growing numbers of satisfied clients can vouch for the fact that we are considered to be the most trusted and reliable brand of mosaic tiles.